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We know it’s intimidating coming to a new church for the first time. It makes us ask all kinds of questions. What should I wear? Will the people be nice? What about my kids? Well, we want to answer those question for you!
On Sundays at Walker Road people wear pretty much everything imaginable. Some people will be in suits and ties and others will be in jeans and T-Shirts. We’re not trying to enforce a dress code because we believe that the most important thing about us isn’t what we put on our bodies but what’s happening in our hearts. So please dress comfortably. Walker Road is blessed with all kinds of families and all kinds of people. On a typical Sunday divorced people, single people, married people, old people, teenagers, and everyone in between worship Jesus together. They will all try to greet you with a smile and a handshake. Don’t expect to be singled out but do expect to be treated as a VIP.
We love kids at Walker Road and offer fun and safe places for them during Worship. If you would like, they can stay with you during service but we do have staffed nurseries and children’s church. We also have children’s church during the morning service. When you get here we will try to make sure everyone in your family is pointed in the right direction.
Our Sunday morning worship service starts at 11 and is usually over by a few minutes after 12. At the most, our services last an hour and a half.

WHAT IS THE SERVICE LIKE?Our services are filled with music, Bible based preaching, and a lot of fun. Expect to be welcomed by Pastor Dewey. We usually start out with prayer, announcements and welcoming of all. Then we will typically sing a blend of praise and worship songs as well as old favorites. Then the choir will sing a worship song. After that, Pastor Dewey will preach for around 40 minutes from a passage of scripture with the purpose of helping normal people know Jesus better. You can get a sample of a typical sermon by clicking here.

If you have any more questions, please contact us any time. We look forward to meeting you!