Where can I find recored sermons?

You can find our services in many forms! We offer a range of output mediums such as podcasts, an archive of video worship services via Internet, as well as hardcopy DVD/CD copies of sermons. Most, if not all recored sermons are live steamed thought our Facebook Page! There you will be able to watch from the safety of your home. 

What does our Media team do?

The Media Ministry is a team that supports the members and surrounding community here at WRBC, while also lending support to other ministries throughout the church.

The core of our ministry is worship services. We believe that the Body of Christ, choosing to come together to worship God is of most importance. 

The greater part of our ministry is run behind the scenes by buttons, switches, and computers. The preparation and devotion given is well worth the effort to make sure everyone has a meaningful worship experience, in the sanctuary, or at home.

There are many opportunities for you to serve in the Media Ministry. WRBC Media Ministry staff are here to help you learn what you’ll need to know. If you are currently a member, and would like more information or want to volunteer as a team member, stop by the Sound Room located in the Balcony.